We have made swift progress with the construction of Arte Galeriimaja and will soon proudly invite you to experience the show apartment. But that is not all – with the show apartment we are putting the finishing touches on the vestibule, which serves as a kind of special apartment extension in the building.

The show apartment is a 41,5 m² two-room apartment with a cute 4,7 m² balcony. The interior finish is based on the Classic package and we will also be presenting our offered built-in furniture and equipment options (the package includes the entryway wardrobe and kitchen furniture with a sink, tap and integrated kitchen appliances). 

The functional vestibule of Arte Galeriimaja carries with itself the feeling of a large and cozy living room. The seating arrangements in the vestibule offer opportunities for reading, working or even business meetings, because the room is spacious and has a larger surface area than a two-room apartment. 

If you are anxious to  seek more information on the project then feel free to contacts us already today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.! The show room will be ready in the first half of November.